6 thoughts on “September 29, 1998

  1. Poor Pat. I know, going on a big bike tour is a commitment, a daunting one at that. It’s easy to not go and say “next year”, but getting the gumption to make it happen is a big deal. I’m still a bit surprised that I managed to do mine. And I enjoyed it, though I knew that the “nomadic” lifestyle wasn’t for me. I know I’d like to do another one, sometime. I don’t know when that “some time” is going to be, exactly. (After the pandemic, at least.)

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    1. The fun of the welcome party probably gave Pat the wrong idea. A lot of the time it wasn’t very much fun! It was a bummer for him that he didn’t go, but a trip of three people would’ve really changed the dynamic between Matt and I so in the end it was probably for the best.

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      1. It’s true that a long bike tour isn’t 100% fun, but it is definitely an experience. As the years go by, I look back more fondly at my big tour and don’t dwell on the bad as much.

        And yeah, the dynamic is totally different with three people. I’ve only done a long tour with one other person. I can’t imagine how it would be with another person thrown in.


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